Papers and Presentations

Economic Transformation in the Pittsburgh Region. Invited lecture at the Communities in Transition Policy Forum sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.  Toronto, Canada.  November 28, 2007

Impact of Large Landowners on Public Finance in a Fiscally Distressed Municipality: A Case Study of Pittsburgh, with Sabina Deitrick. Forthcoming monograph sponsored by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (Cambridge, MA) project: The Impact of Large Landowners on Land Markets. 2006-2007.

Pittsburgh and Allegheny County: Portrait of an Aging Society. with Richard Schulz. Invited presentation at seminar Covering the Next Generation in Pittsburgh - Boomers and All, sponsored by the National Press Foundation. September 25, 2007

Migration trends in the Pittsburgh Region. University Center for Social and Urban Research. July 2007

Economic Transformation and the Emergence of a Biotechnology Industry in the Pittsburgh Region, with Vijai Singh. Invited lecture at the symposium: Determinants of a Country’s Capacity to Adjust to the Challenge of Globalization at the European Union Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs.  June 12, 2006.

Allegheny County Municipalities Employment by Place of Work Profiles and City of Pittsburgh Neighborhood Employment by Place of Work Profiles. University Center for Social and Urban Research. March 2006

Allegheny County Housing and Socio-Demographic Trends and Allegheny County Economic Trends Report.  Prepared for the Allegheny County Comprehensive Plan, University Center for Social and Urban Research, University of Pittsburgh and McCormick Taylor, Inc., December 2005.

Commuting Patterns in the Pittsburgh Region. Expert report submitted to United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania in case of Citizens Financial Group, Inc., vs. Citizens National Bank of Evans City And Citizens, Inc., Civil Action No. 01-1524. March 2005

How Migration Flows Shape the Elderly Population of Metropolitan Pittsburgh. with Peter Morrison (RAND). Presented at the Southern Demographic Association Annual Meeting, October 15, 2004.

Joint is Dead, What Comes Next. U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings. January 2004.

The Navy Needs More Warrant Officers. U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings. September 2003

Voting Patterns by Race in Allegheny County. January 2002. Expert report submitted to the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania in case of Dailey, et al vs. DeFazio, et at, Civil Action 01-1911

The Navy Can Not Be Their Last Resort. US Naval Institute Proceedings. February 2001

The State of Aging and Health in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, with Donald Musa, Jason F. Seiler, Paul Flora, Lynn Martire, and Richard Schulz. University Center for Social and Urban Research. May 2003.

The Effect of Local Fiscal Policy on Urban Wage Structure. with Patricia Beeson and Lara Shore-Shepard, January 2000; presented at the American Economics Association Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, January 6, 2000

Dynamics of Growth and Restructuring in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Region, with Frank Giarratani and Vijai Singh, presented at the conference: Structural Change, Tertiarization, Development Potentials and Structural Policy: Ruhr area - Pittsburgh - Luxembourg - Lille in Comparison, sponsored by the Ebert Foundation, Duisburg Germany, August 22-24, 1999. Published in Regionalization Of Globalized Innovation Locations For Advanced Industrial Development And Disparities In Participation. Edited by Ulrich Hilpert.  Routledge 2003

The Effect of Local Fiscal Policy on Local Inequality, with Patricia Beeson and Lara Shore-Shepard, December 1998; presented at the Applied Public Policy Analysis and Management Annual Research Conference, New York City, Nov. 1, 1998

Economic Impact of the Elderly in Allegheny County, with Richard Schulz, in State of the Region published by the University Center for Social and Urban Research, University of Pittsburgh, December 10, 1998

Local Government Organization and Taxes in Allegheny County, working paper. September 1, 1998 ;

Leviathan Revisited (Again): Is there and Optimal Level of Fragmentation in Local Government? working paper. June 10, 1998;

State Fiscal Policy and Regional Growth, working paper. June 1998;

REMI Model Forecast for Allegheny County and the Pittsburgh Region and Policy Simulation Methods, Dec. 1998.

Evaluation of Business Improvement Districts (BIDS) in New York City. with various. School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University. May 1993.

Various articles in the Pittsburgh Economic Quarterly, University Center for Social and Urban Research, University of Pittsburgh.



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